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A new chapter of growth has been unlocked! We have joined Wam Global! Together, we strengthen our offerings to become one of the largest independent consultancies in Spain, specializing in digital transformation and customer experience. We continue to grow to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients.
One team…360º services!


Engage us to

Advise you

on technology and ecommerce to get the most from your investment.

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Develop solution

tailored to your industry, business model, and needs.

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Enrich user experiences

to increase conversions, customer satisfaction, and sales.

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Expand internationally

and reach more customers in new markets and regions.

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Modernize technology

to grow without any technical limitations and to your full potential.

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Optimize processes

to reduce costs and increase your competitive advantage.

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Business models in our focus

B2C ecommerce

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B2B ecommerce

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D2C ecommerce

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Our technologies

We work with the best technology providers and solutions in the ecommerce space to maximize results for your business.

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Featured clients and work

B2C ecommerce


Naturitas is a Spanish company specializing in the online sales of supplements, cosmetics, sports nutrition products, medicinal plants, and organic food. Throughout our ongoing partnership, Interactiv4 helped Naturitas migrate the existing stores on Magento 1 and Vtex to more advanced Magento Commerce Cloud in order to improve both customer and administrator experience. Also, we supported the company’s internationalization expansion to 18 markets.

markets rollouts
increase in international sales
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B2C ecommerce

Wow Tech

WOW Tech Group is a Berlin-based company producing and selling sex toys worldwide, focusing mainly on North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Interactiv4 developed 5 independent sites for each of the Wow Tech Group brands – Arcware, Womanizer, We-Vibe, Romp, and pjur. And, to streamline business operations and customer relationships programs, our team integrated ecommerce with Netsuite ERP and omnichannel customer loyalty platform Emarsys.

increase in turnover in 2020
increase in CR for We-Vibe brand
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