Management of loyalty points in Porque Tú Vuelves

Business Intelligence, Full Responsive, Enhanced Ecommerce
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Management of loyalty points in Porque tú vuelves

To think of a leading company in the energy sector in Spain is to think of Cepsa. A global energy company with a presence in the 5 continents that has count on Interactiv4 to develop ‘Porque tú vuelves’, an online store that is based on the integration of loyalty catalog together with the development of special products.

Thus, Cepsa has integrated into its online store both the stock of loyalty catalog products and a variety of new special products including fuel checks, wash checks, tickets, premium codes and solidarity products.

All this is accompanied by multitransactional integration with Cepsa Pay balance management and loyalty points, allowing the combination of different payment methods, both real and virtual. A set of actions that achieve an insurmountable user experience.

Technical characteristics of the project

  • Full Responsive

    Mobile-first development in Magento Enterprise to get a perfect adaptation for each device.

  • Google Analytics and GTM

    Complete custom integration of the latest web analytics tools, including enhanced eCommerce.

  • BI Integration

    With the integration of Business Intelligence and the personalization of the offer per client, maximum optimization is achieved in the decision-making process.

The sale of fuel online in the new Cepsa e-commerce has been a challenge for us. And the result is a success, the result of the combination of the know-how and experience of Interactiv4 and the talent of Redbility as experts in design and UX.

Juan Alcántara
CPO & Founder


Cepsa has become one of the great leaders of the energy sector in Spain and the rest of the world. This integrated global energy company, with almost 90 years of experience, develops its activities internationally in the 5 continents.

But if the company stands out for something it is for the operation and integration of all its businesses. Therefore, the challenge to develop the Cepsa online store has fallen on Interactiv4. A challenge in which they have had to integrate new products and payment methods to achieve customer needs with a full responsive design ‘Mobile-first’ that allows the perfect visualization of the web in all environments.

Cepsa has integrated in its store the complete stock of its usual loyalty catalog but, in addition, it has included a variety of special products such as fuel checks, wash checks, tickets, premium codes and solidarity products.

In addition, along with traditional payment methods, the ‘Porque tú vuelves’ website features multi-transactional integration with Cepsa Pay balance management and loyalty points that allows the combination of these different payment methods to create a fully customized payment system.

To all this, we must add the work of Interactiv4 at the level of eCommerce consulting and evolutionary support, with which we improve the online store day by day, including improvements and new features that take the project to another level.

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