Magento Live 2018 Review: Party & Code in BCN

5 November, 2018

It was October already and at Interactiv4 office you could feel the desire of the MLEU to come (Magento Live Europe). Our colleagues Ana and Clara were in charge of the organization of PreMagentoLive Preparty while our colleague Óscar, with the entire Magento Community Engineering Team organized the MLEU Contribution Day.

It was a pity that only a few of our team could go to Barcelona for the event, the lucky ones on this occasion were: Ana, Clara, Nacho, Enrique Barreira, Óscar, Lio, Paco, Thiago, Adrián and us (Luismi and Rebeca).

TRAVEL DAY (October Sunday 7th ):


We were all clear about the final destination, but it was not so easy to organize for the outward journey.

On one hand, Clara arrived in the morning and was in charge of the checkin at the apartments where we would spend the next three days. Nacho, Lio, Paco, Thiago, Ana and Óscar departed after lunch time in car while Luismi, Rebeca and Adrián traveled in the afternoon in Ave. Enrique, after a delay in his flight managed to arrive at night from Málaga.

Once we got together in the apartments, we went to have dinner at TimesBurg Burger (Óscar recommendation), where we enjoyed some well-deserved beers and a nice dinner after the journey, followed by some quiet drinks …

1st DAY: Contribution Day & PreMagento Live Party

The day started soon and at 8 we were already at the Palacio de Congresos, where Contribution Day would take place and where we would meet our colleagues in Barcelona: Xavi, Sergio, Ferrán, Alberto, Carlos, Laura, Manu, Mauri and Cristian.

At 9.30 the Contribution Day began, in which developers were able to meet and greet other members of the community as well as the Magento team. During the morning, we were able to contribute to the Magento code, with the help and support of the team. They also commented about the possibility of contributing to the new projects that Magento is carrying out.

During the morning coffee and juice were offered, until lunch time arrived.

After the Contribution Day, the entire I4 team met to finish last details of the organization of the party that would take place at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I hotel at 7:00 p.m…

Once everything was ready we received our guests with a big smile as good hosts.

During the party, we all could do networking in the best possible way; with a good dinner, dancing, drinks and even magicians included. We enjoyed a great and fun atmosphere that resulted in moments that we will all remember. The party was so fun, that it was short for us and we wanted to continue it for Barcelona.


The day on which the event began, our boss would give a talk exposing the success story of Parques Reunidos, a project that has been carried out by our company. As sponsors of the event, we had a stand in which we had the opportunity to present our new product Óptimo and address all the curiosities about it.

Attending all the talks was a complicated task, so during the day we were distributed to be able to go to the maximum possible, some of them very interesting as:

Elite Bug squashing by Tony Brown : In this talk we learned about techniques and debugging strategies and how they can help us optimize our time.

Magento 2.3 Update by Olga Kopylova : In this talk, all the new features of Magento 2.3 were released with a technical approach. This version brings very interesting things for both the front and back, among them include the addition of PWA Studio, Magento Payments, Amazon Sales Channel, Page Builder, Multi-Source Inventory among others.

Keynote I: The members of Adobe gave an overview about the integration of Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud and also had the intervention of Bruce Dickinson

In addition to the brilliant intervention of Bruce Dickinson we could see the interesting conversation between Mark Lavelle (SVP, COMMERCE, DIGITAL BUSINESS) adn Shantanu Narayen (CEO – ADOBE) of which we highlight the vision of the future of digital experiences shared between Adobe and Magento.

Integration Magento with Adobe’s Experience Cloud por Salvador Morales Olaso y Martin Buergi: In this talk we had a more technical approach of microservice-oriented integration with Adobe’s Experience Cloud through CIF (Commerce Integration Framework) and its architecture.

Announcing Magento Commerce 2.3: John Stockton y Chris Hedge (Magento Product Management team) They gave us the main tips from a business perspective, to incorporate and take advantage of their new capabilities.

The first day of the event was coming to an end in terms of talks, but we still had the energy to attend the MagentoLive Europe Evening Event (sponsored by Deloitte Digital) where we were able to recover some strength with a snack and a few beers, while we enjoyed good company, music and a cool show.

MLEU Party


We were already on our last day, and as in the previous day, the goal was to attend the largest number of talks and enjoy the event. The talks of this day were:

The road to PWA : Shane Osbourne. Actualmente
PWA is the subject that we all want to know more about and that is why the room where the talk was held was completely crowded, because in this talk, Shane Osbourne explained how we can improve PWA performance, as well as tips for the best implementation of it in our projects.

The talk had two parts: In the first one, Shane analyzed some current problems and the solutions we can give to these, finally, a practical example of the use of some PWA functions in a real environment.

GraphQL : Misha Kotov y Cristian Partica In the first part of the talk, they told us about GraphQL, where it had been developed, when it was launched, what major projects are currently used, in which part of our front Magento we could implement it and also which structure is used.

Then they showed us the differences there is between Rest and GraphQL:

The last part of this talk was focused on the most technical part in which we could see:
• The architecture in Magento
• The structure of the querys
• The tools that we can use

And finally, they invited us to know and contribute to the community, here you have the link

Zero Downtime : Team Inviqa. A very interesting talk for developers who always seek to reduce times when working with Magento and in this case they gave us tips to make that happen.

One of the greatest recommendations was PHINX for the whole issue of migrations. In addition, they explained us how to manage our beloved Cache. In summary we could see that the ‘Zero downtime’ is a reality. For you to have more information about the talk of ‘Zero Downtime’, here is the link to Team Inviqa post about it.

MLEU Party

The party of the last day was organized by “Hypernode by Byte” at Metric where we ate, drank and ended the event.



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