In interactiv4 we have been developing successful online stores for more than 3 years, and during this path, we have got a great experience in all eCommerce areas.

That’s the reason why we have written a series of posts under the tittle “Tips to succeed in your eCommerce” , to share this knowledge and help you to get the most of your own eCommerces.

When you’re about to start your online store, you have a wide range of opportunities, so the first thing you have to do is being very clear about your business, what you sell and if you want to sell it online. Every business, online or not, must be based on a business plan.

Once determined, you must know that starting an eCommerce requires a lot of work and efforts, so we recommend you to work with qualified professionals who help you to develop your business, so you can focus on selling.

In interactiv4 we count on a team of experienced professionals to advise our customers from the beginning and during the whole development process. Contact us, tell us about your idea and we will help you to create your online store according to your needs.

As eCommerce specialists, the first thing we recommend is knowing the platform you are going to develop your store over. In interactiv4 we use Magento.

And why Magento?

What makes Magento a unique platform is its well-known developing community, and interactiv4 is an active member since the year 2010. The community brings maturity  and evolution to the 100% OpenSource project, where  initiatives like developers meetings and hacking events enable developers around the world to bring their ideas and improvements every day. Furthermore, Magento is fully scalable, so it’s perfect for a small business and for a multistore as well, and it easily tailors to growing businesses, growing with them.

Entre sus muchas características, tiene un sistema de administración que te permite tomar el control de la tienda y llevar a cabo la gestión de catálogo e integración con ERP´S de una manera sencilla. Otras características a tener en cuenta de Magento son su excelente gestión de pedidos, su optimización SEO por defecto y la posibilidad de integrar diferentes métodos de pago y envío. Sin olvidar una función muy útil para sacar informes y análisis sobre el rendimiento de tu tienda online y que cuenta con herramientas de marketing muy potentes, funcionales y fáciles de usar.

Besides of its features, you can add new functionalities to Magento through a large number of extensions. We sell them in, a marketplace of extensions developed by our own and by our partners, like BrainSINS, eComDev or Ebizmarts. Furthermore, as we develop the extensions ourselves, we have a specialized Customer’s Service to help you installing the extension and in case of doubts.

It has become, because all of the above, a popular global solution; 26% of online stores use Magento* and its a perfect solution for every kind of business, no matter the size.


Besides, to give further guarantees,  in 2011 eBay and PayPal, big players on international eCommerce market, acquired the 100% of the platform, making the global project reach a sustainability, reliability and continuity hights that no other platform in the market could compete with.

That’s why we consider Magento the worldwide easiest and highly-potential platform to develop your eCommerce with.

If you want to develop your eCommerce with guarantees, contact us.

And keep posted to get more news and tips to successfully manage your online store.