At the beginning of the year we decided to invest in a training program in order to have a team of Magento Certified developers in Interactiv4. Most of our developers are already certified, some of them even in different areas.

Last week it was the turn of the youngest member of our family, Óscar Salueña. Óscar has a degree in Computer Engineering and, since last friday, 28th of June, he also became Magento Developer Certified. Congratulations Óscar!

And why is so important for us to get those certifications?

Because it is a guarantee of quality and security for you since it provides a qualified team involved in your projects, and because it also guarantees the right implementation of any functionality on your Magento store.

And we are proud of ourselves as we are the spanish company with more certifications. And the ones that are about to come, cause we like to be up-to-date in everything related to Magento to offer you the best service.