In the next few days we will be launching a new module that we developed called Private Sales for Magento.
It’s principal features include:

  • The option to limit general access to the store only to authenticated users
  • Allow access to the store, but limit visibility access and navigation around each category, based on the user group.
  • Generate sales events for categories, with visible countdowns and configurations such as widget, private sale and product page.
  • Widget demonstration blocks in slider form or private sales and future sales lists.
  • Visibility restrictions on prices and shopping buttons for specific user groups
  • Information included in the backend, within the order list, where the number and type of sales event is identified i.e. those which have an order purchased.
  • Sales events reports, which show product orders and the income generated from each private sale, within a specific date set.

Here we present some screenshots and a review of the modules functionality:
Imagine that you want to set up a store like Buyvip or Privalia, restricting non-registered user access:
Within the configuration/catalogue, the module shows a new element, Private Sales, from where we can decide if we want to restrict the global access to the store. If the answer is yes, then where we need to redirect the user. Which can be to the registration and login screen, or to a CMS which will be prepared as a landing page.
configuracion ventas privadas
Configuring the module with an access restriction for non-identified users, where they will view a Login and register screen.
Login Private sales
If, to the contrary, we wish to allow general access to the store, but limit access to pre-determined categories, we could also do so by establishing certain restrictions on a new tab, which can be found in the backend, for each category.
On the following two screens we can demonstrate the two principal categories: ‘Open Category’, where you have set up your catalogue to be openly accessible to all users and ‘Private Sales’, where the events widgets is displayed in a slide format. As you can see, the widget displays an image for each private sale; the title of sale (category name) and a countdown. We can configure this to allow, or not to allow a private sale (category) for different user groups.
Remember that there are visibility limitations, which can be defined according to user groups, and configured to allow visibility of category, price and purchase buttons.

Lista de eventos
The widget configuration is really simple: Select the static block that contains the widget and display it within the category (in this example it is displayed in the Private Sales category).
Now we are going to see how to create a private sale for specific categories
From the admin category screen, we select a category and click on the new button, ‘Add Event’.
Añadir evento
A new screen i.e. ‘new event’ will allow us to create a private sale in a category. Here we can configure the start and end dates, to be displayed on the widget, where we want to present the countdown (for category or product) and to upload the Private Sale image associated with the widget to storeview.
Edición del evento
Once the event is organized, the widget will be displayed and will start to generate the countdown on the category or product.
Edición del evento
Now let’s see how the backend reports work.
On one side, we have the order list which displays the number of events and the names of each order. For example, in order no. 18, there are products for two private sales, Adidas and Abrigos.
listado de eventos
On the other, we have a historic list of events. Here we can view, for example, the category which has been created for an event, the start and end dates, its status (coming soon, in progress, closed) and to access the sales reports for each event.
You can compliment your privates sales club with:

  • A sponsorship extension: we recommend Refer a Friend, Affiliate and Affiliate Pro
  • Email marketing: here there is no doubt, the absolute best is Mailchimp from Ebizmarts

If you want to try out this new module, send us an email including:

  • Your store URL
  • Contact email