To offer the best service to our clients, we must keep up to date in Magento news. That’s why we have a continuous training program and we count on the best profesionals in Magento’s Community.
We will have a special guest on our next session on September: Ivan Chepurnyi, one of the top Magento developers with more than six years of experience.
Ivan Chepurnyi started as Magento Core developer in early 2007, since that time he has gained experience in different areas of Magento  development. During all that time he developed enormous amount of modules and customizations, so now almost every dark corner in Magento functionality is investigated by him. He can’t keep that knowledge in secret so he likes sharing it with the community and helps finding the way out of Magento complexity maze.  He is currently working in ecomDev.
Ivan’s training session will take place on September 24th and 25th at the training room of Interactiv4 offices in Las Rozas, Madrid.
Training session details:
Test Diven Magento Development
1. TDD vs Standard Magento Development
2. Testing Module Configuration:

  • Class Aliases
  • Layout Definitions
  • Scheme & Data Setups
  • Events
  • Controllers
  • etc

3. Testing Models & Observers

  • What to Test
  • Emulation of System Processes
  • Reusable Test Cases & Expectations

4. Test Doubles & Fixtures

  • How to Mock System Resources
  • Isolation of Test Case
  • Fixtures

1. File System Based Tests
2. Testing Blocks
3. Testing Controllers & Layout

  • Understanding of Layout Based Controller Tests
  • What to Test
  • Controller Specific Assertions
  • Layout Specific Assertions

4. Continuous Integration

  • Why Make It Continuous
  • Configuring Environment for CI
  • Additional Useful Tools

5. Customizations Of EcomDev_PHPUnit

  • Custom Test Structures
  • Building Fixture Loaders