On the occasion of the  Magento master class that Ivan Chepurnyi is giving at interactiv4 offices, we have received the visit of some friends and collegues, and among them, the guys of  Onestic.
Onestic is an spanish company specialized in eCommerce and focused on the client and on helping him to achieve his goals; mainly selling and gaining customer’s trust.
Besides, they are Magento Bronze Partners and their main services are: eCommerce strategy, consulting, analysis, research, online stores development, design and creativity, as well as tracking, maintenance and improvement planning of the projects.
They have been working on this for more than 5 years and they have a high qualified team. We consider them an example of good practice in Spain, as there are just a few national eCommerce development companies able to presume of having a wide experience with Magento.
We have had the pleasure to be with Sergio Bauxali, Founder and eCommerce Manager and Manel R. Domenech, Co-Founder and CTO. We wait for one of the course breaks to ask Manel the battery of questions that Ivan Chepurnyi (eComDev) and Pablo Benítez (Ebizmarts) answered before. In the picture, Manel R. Domenech with Ignacio Riesco, CEO of interactiv4.
Here you have his answers, they worth reading!
1. Tell us about where do you work and what is your position. 
I work in Onestic. We have just started our seventh year. I am Co-Founder  and developer. And troubleshooter.
2. Linux, Windows or Mac? Why?
I have worked comfortably with the three of them. Anyway, this question can lead to the quasi-religious fanaticism; right now I’m using Linux -Debian specifically- both at home and work. But this is a love-hate relationship which will lead me to Mac eventually.
3. Which IDE do you use?
I like to structure the code in directories, in a way I find it comfortable to work with, and use compilation and consolidation tools -when needed- from the command line. For editing I prefer powerful tools like Sublime Text 3 or Notepad++. I think I have tested all IDEs and editors existing and I haven’t found any exactly how I want it. The most similar is maybe Notepad++, but sadly it is not available for Linux.
4. Do you use any control version system? Why?
We used to use Subversion, but we changed to Git long time ago. The fact that today is a standard in the open source’s world, plus its decentralized approach was the reason we chose this system.
5. How long have you been working with Magento?
Since 2008. Five years more or less. I don’t like that question, it makes me feel old.
6. When developing, where do you look for help or support? 
When I work with an easy to read structure code, the code itself is a good information source. In the opposite situation, I usually use expeditious modes through the code using xdebug, breakpoints and dirty embarrassing echo/exit.
Regarding technical information source and troubleshooting, I love  Stackoverflow.
7. Within the developing community, tell us whom do you know and what would you highlight of them. 
I have always been interested in computing and algorithm universes, so I could mention some names from a long time ago, pioneers.
Speaking of the current development community, we should say that there are projects with visible heads and others where the developers prefer to keep a low profile.
If I have to stand out someone, I would go with Fabien Potencier, first developer of Symfony and Symfony2. The concept and formality of Symfony2 is almost mathematical.
And special mention to John Carmack, Founder of id Software and guru of the 3D and OpenGL.
8. What thing do you like most of Magento?
It’s rigid and formal structure. Well thought out. The ability to extend and modify its functionality.
9. And the thing you like less?
It’s rigid and formal structure, very improvable in its implementation. And EAV, Prototype and its performance. But there is a huge work behind Magento that I’m not going to undervalue.
10. If you could change 3 things of Magento, which ones would be? 
– Take out EAV, thought it would be so radical that it wouldn’t be Magento anymore. And the alternative wouldn’t be clear anyway.
– jQuery instead of Prototype.
– More control and debugging posibilities on the configuration files.
11. What do you think about Magento 2.0?
It is the favorite eCommerce framework in Narnia. It reminds me of the shepherd and the wolf fable. And I think that for the time it will be released, it will have strong opponents.
12. Onestic stands out for helping the customer to reach their goals through eCommerce consulting, developing and strategy. What could you tell us about the future of your company? Which are your future steps/goals?
The future of the company is in boosting the strategy, the selling and the eCommerce concepts and separate them from the platform used. Magento? Perfect. But there is much more to offer in eCommerce universe. And this universe moves fast while the sales channel and consumer habits are changing.
13. And the tricky question… What do you think about interactiv4? 
I’m very clumsy at valuing companies. I couldn’t even do it right for my own one. But I can value people. And -though it is a cliché- the quality of the people I know in interactiv4 deserves my admiration and they are very far from what is common on these days in this enviroment. And even in this world too, what the heck! Special mention to @ignacioriesco and @oreales, whom I have had more relationship with.