Sealing 15 Years of Contribution to the Magento Community 🥇

Committed to Open Source 🤝🏼

In interactiv4’s DNA, the words “innovation” and “leadership” are written alongside an innate tendency to support all initiatives that nurture Open Source activities. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest milestone: becoming the first Gold Partner of Mage-OS, the Magento community initiative aimed at ensuring the continuity and accessibility of the Magento platform and its ecosystem.  

Beyond the financial backing, this contribution reflects the internal work we do every day at Interactiv4 to ensure that all our clients’ projects benefit from the advancements and advantages offered by Mage-OS, emphasizing our dedication to innovation and the Open Source ecosystem.

We’re focused on ensuring that our clients thrive and stay at the forefront of the constantly changing eCommerce landscape, and we do so hand in hand with the best solutions.

Driving Innovation 🚀

Collaborating closely with Mage-OS is not just about securing our clients’ future; it’s about actively shaping it, contributing to making Mage-OS even better. We’re not mere passive spectators; we’re catalysts for change and progress within the eCommerce sphere. 

Ignacio Riesco, CEO of interactiv4: “More than partners: we’re driving forces behind eCommerce evolution”.

Champions of the Magento Community 💻

From its outset, we’ve worked with Mage-OS because we believe in its power to propel our clients to success. Becoming Gold Partners is the materialization of our confidence in Mage-OS’s potential to foster a stronger, more connected open-source community that benefits us all.