Unlock the Potential of Shopify with Community OpenHack

Are you passionate about e-commerce and Shopify? Do you want to dive deep into Shopify app development, connect with like-minded developers, and contribute to an open-source community? If yes, then Community OpenHack is the event for you!

What is Community OpenHack?

Community OpenHack is a groundbreaking event designed for developers by developers, focusing on the Shopify platform. It’s an opportunity to share, develop, and showcase innovative e-commerce solutions within the Shopify ecosystem. Whether you’re an experienced developer, a newcomer to Shopify, or somewhere in between, this event is the perfect platform to enhance your skills, network with peers, and contribute to the vibrant Shopify community.

Event Details

  • Barcelona Session: March 12, Location Fabrica Moritz. Rda. de Sant Antoni, 41, Barcelona
  • Madrid Session: March 14, Venue: Contacto Cocina, Oquendo 20, Madrid

Each session is a full-day event, promising a blend of workshops, networking, and collaborative projects, with refreshments and prizes to keep the energy high.

Why Attend?

  • Collaborate and Learn: Engage with fellow developers and Shopify experts to share knowledge and best practices.
  • Innovate and Create: Work on projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible on Shopify.
  • Network and Grow: Connect with developers from various backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • Special Guests: Our Teammates from Twitch.tv/osclick.
    We’re excited to announce that our teammates from OsClick will be joining us at Community OpenHack. Their presence adds an extra layer of excitement and expertise, offering live insights and interactions that enrich the event experience.
  • and TO HAVE FUN: Happy coding all!

How to Participate

Ready to be part of this exciting event? Register now on communityopenhack.org to secure your spot. Whether you’re looking to deepen your Shopify knowledge, showcase your skills, or simply meet other developers in the community, Community OpenHack is the place to be.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of Shopify development and innovation. Join us at Community OpenHack, and let’s build something great together.

Save your seat!

See you there!