Consumers tend to enjoy things that are easy. Easy access, easy browsing and anything easy on their wallet. In todays day in age, it is crucial for eCommerce business sites to be compatible with the various screen sizes of tablets, cell phones and computers. Without this compatibility, consumers get more easily frustrated and that may impact the sales of a company. But alas, there is now an easy fix to meet the needs of our beloved eCommerce users and make navigating the web just a little bit easier.
In order for a website to adapt to the change in size, it must have responsive technology. We have created a template for Magento using Twitter Bootstrap as a starter theme for any responsive project, making it easier to create a custom responsive theme for our clients. In addition to being fully responsive, B-responsive includes three great new features allowing for more modern design elements:
1. Login Drop Down & Mega Menu

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 18.04.19
3. Products Slider
The Products Slider is a configurable widget that you can use to select the Most Popular Products, Newest or based on any attribute in your catalog.
These three new features will have a positive impact on any eCommerce site by providing a more user friendly experience. The B-responsive template is the most efficient eCommerce resource because of its’ ability to alter any site to achieve the perfect for any screen size. It truly is an interactive and innovative technology.

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