On October 24, Ignacio Riesco, CEO of Interactiv4, presented at the Mageconf event, our new analytics integration engine developed to integrate Adobe Analytics with Magento 2 and compatible with Google Analytics.
A few months ago we were challenged to integrate Abobe Analytics for one of our clients. Although we believe that a base integration should already be available from Adobe, even if it was an initial version, this is not the case and an extension is not yet available in the marketplace or in a public repository.

After developing a number of Magento integrations for different analytics platforms, especially Google with Enhanced eCommerce, we have found that, while customer requirements have many common features, they are never quite the sameBasically, everyone has something specific and custom that they want to achieve.
As the number of Magento projects you work with increases, constantly adding specific code sections to serve particular analytics requirements leads to duplicate or inconsistent development approaches, which are hard to maintain. When you then start to work with another analytics platform, such as Adobe Analytics, you may find yourself rewriting large amounts of similar code from scratch.

With this in mind, we developed the Interactiv4 Analytics extension to provide a flexible and highly configurable base for integrations with any analytics platform, with an emphasis always on configuration from the Admin panel.
The extension pack provides a toolkit for Magento developers to create their own integrations with any analytics platform.

  • identifying HTML elements and grouping them into logical roles such as “product list” or “product link”
  • defining data to push to the data layer
  • defining frontend and backend events and linking them with javascript handlers (JS Components)
  • Among others.

In addition, it allows you to configure these elements from the Administration Panel.
With this development, we provide a new, clean and standard way to define event handlers and other javascript components, without the need for custom blocks and layout changes.
We have also created the Interactiv4 Adobe Launch extension, to bring the capabilities of our Analytics extension into practical use with the Adobe Analytics platform
We leave you here the presentation: