And the Christmas of 2020 has come to an end and we will never forget it.

We will remember it as an Olympic year that was not, as a very intense and long year, with many changes and uncertainty, due to all the pandemic crisis that we will have gone through, to which we already see an end, and which had us cloistered in our homes for more than 3 months, until he can be released on “parole”. What seemed like it was going to be a simple flu, turned into a scenario with important social and economic effects.

And we will also remember it with optimism, seeing from the first moment the key role that eCommerce has played, and knowing that interactiv4 has been there, in the frontline of battle.

This year eCommerce in Spain has grown more than 30% and exceptionally in some sectors. To give some examples, the food and beverage sector, which during the months of March and April exceeded 300% increase, and which has continued to maintain. Or the purchase of school supplies, which grew more than 800%. Not to mention home sports (treadmills, bikes, etc.), which sold out of stock in just one week.

The average has been to make 70% more billing in digital channels. Amazing. Times have changed abruptly, and a large number of online shoppers have been forced by the situation, and have stayed, resulting in high recurrence, much more traffic, and more sales.

And we have seen it with our own eyes in our clients. From Pure-players to traditional businesses, everyone has seen an unexpected increase in sales at the beginning of the year. The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday campaigns have been a success and follow the trend this Christmas.

With regard to B2B, sales networks had to stay at home and those who had an online channel have survived. Our clients among them.
At Interactiv4 we have already completed 10 years and we continue to grow, as a team and clients, and we quickly understood that in this transition year we had to arm ourselves well and evolve for what is to come.
Before confinement, and some of them already wearing the precious facemask, we decided to leave the office and start working remotely. It was not a problem, we were fully prepared. We only had to take the laptop, the double screen, and connect to the wifi at home.

Every day, with a “daily” that we call “Good Morning Vietnam”, we would see each other and start the day. Months have gone, until today, and we have managed to overcome this challenge: now we are stronger, we are closer together than ever, developing new projects and serving our clients with guarantees.

This has been the year of the end of support for Magento 1, the year of migrations to Magento 2, of launching into the Mirakl, Miinto, Aliexpress, or Amazon Marketplaces, of rollouts and internationalization.

Adobe Magento continues to be the platform with the largest development and collaboration community in the world. And it has continued to push, launching version 2.4, which introduces a new and improved level of security, performance, a multitude of improvements and functionalities in its B2B module, and support for PHP 7.4, among many others.

We have not been able to see each other in the events we attend and organize, such as Meet Magento or Magento Imagine (now Adobe Summit), but as everything will come, we will embrace all our colleagues very soon. Our desire to connect and contribute is intact, led by our 2020 Magento Masters, Ignacio Riesco and Óscar Recio.

And what will happen now in 2021?

The new online shoppers are going to stay, and they constitute between 1 and 2 million in Spain and they will be recurring. The sea is more full of fish than ever and it is going to be a great year for eCommerce. And the world trend is similar.

So get your strength this Christmas, enjoy healthy with your friends, because next year is going to be exciting.

Goodbye, 2020!
Happy 2021!