Adobe Rapid Deployment Packages

Now more than ever, it is time to launch your eCommerce quickly, fully functional and adapted to the needs of your business

Start selling online in 6 weeks!

2020 has been a turning point in the world of eCommerce. Online shopping has changed, becoming the only way, in many cases, to keep a business running

You can count on the experience we have gained in the last 10 years working on more than 150 eCommerce projects in the B2C & B2B industries. Our team of talented designers, developers, and eCommerce consultants helps brands, big and small, innovate, scale, and achieve extraordinary growth by making your entire business faster, leaner, and easier to manage.
We are Magento Masters: We do know Magento in-and-out, from designing the platform to considering all the latest and upcoming changes.
We do Smart Experiences: For a merchant, this ensures the value to cost is aligned with your resources, priorities, and business objectives.

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Why deploy rapidly?

Creating a webstore is one of today’s biggest business necessities. But the logistics involved with launching it can feel overwhelming. To help businesses accelerate their digital growth, we have created the Adobe Rapid Deployment packages, an effective way to “Go Live” faster at an affordable cost. Rapid Deployment Packages can help you go live with a fully responsive and transactional Magento Commerce webstore in a little as six weeks. It gives merchants all the power of the Magento platform, expertly configured by our certificated team, with the tried and tested extensions and industry-leading partners to enhance the user experience.

All of this is delivered in a quick and robust on-boarding process from the discovery of requirements through to the build and launch.

Our Rapid Deployment Packages

  • Optimo Starter B2C

    Looking to launch an eCommerce experience and start generating income quickly and effectively with a limited budget? With Magento you are investing in a solid solution.

    The Óptimo Starter B2C pack is one of the most profitable solutions on the market and the best option for your needs.

    After the release, we can help you to adjust and customize your store as needed.

  • Optimo Express B2C

    Do you already have an eCommerce but need to power your brand, improve your online presence and deliver a better shopping experience?

    The Express Package is aimed at merchants that want to have a more customized storefront, translating their brand’s look & feel, as well as offering extended possibilities for more complex businesses requiring data migrations and system integrations.

  • Optimo Accelerator B2C/B2B

    Your business has a strong eCommerce foundation but you are looking to stand out, taking your company to the next level and creating a complete customizable user experience?

    Then your best option is Óptimo Accelerator, designed to meet the needs of your business and packed with extensions tailored to each industry, that includes complete data migration, custom shipping methods, transactional emails, advanced configuration and advanced search.

Packages features

  • Data Migration

    Data migration is essential to complement the operations of your online store. We transfer your catalog, products and clients to your new store so you can start selling right away.

  • Customized & responsive design

    Our team of designers will create a unique design for your online store, based on your brand, oriented to your customers and focused on conversion.

  • Improved Administration

    Our packages include extensions to simplify and optimize the day-to-day management of your store. Save time, reduce errors and have everything under control.

  • Advanced Checkout

    Designed to increase the conversion of your eCommerce. We work with the industry-leading payment providers, such as PayPal, Redsys, Stripe or Adyen.

  • Improved Site Search

    Our packages include Doofinder*, a site search based on artificial intelligence that increases your sales by finding the most relevant results for your customers.

  • Marketing Tool

    Your store will be a powerful tool for Recruitment, Loyalty, Communication Channel and Promotion: SEO setup, Google Analytics, Ads and Shopping connector, advanced catalog promotions and more.


All our Óptimo's packages include pre-bundled integrations with best-in-class 3rd party payment gateways, search engines and marketing platforms

Select your package

Optimo Starter B2C Optimo Express B2C Optimo Accelerator B2C / B2B
Starts at 30k / 6 weeks Starts at 50k / 14 weeks POA
Project Discovery 2 days 3 days Project Discovery and Consultancy included
Team dedication
  • Dedicated Project Manager: 40h
  • UX/UI Designer: 20h
  • Frontend: 40h
  • Backend customization: 20h
  • Dedicated Project Manager: 80h
  • UX/UI Designer: 40h
  • Frontend: 80h
  • Backend customization: 40h
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • UX/UI team
  • Frontend
  • Backend customization
Magento Magento Commerce1 Magento Commerce1 Magento Commerce1
Hosting Adobe Cloud included Adobe Cloud included Adobe Cloud included
Scope 1 domain and 1 language 1 domain and 2 languages Multiple domains and languages
Design Custom responsive design Custom responsive design Custom responsive design
Catalog Import Magento native Catalog import Magento native Catalog import Multiple integrations options: ERP, CRM, PIM, POS, CRM, etc.
Extensions Basic Extension installation

  • UX
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Management and administration
Advanced Extension installation

  • UX
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Management and administration
Advanced Extension installation

  • UX
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Management and administration
Data Migration Basic Data Migration (Clients & Products) Basic Data Migration (Clients & Products) Complete Data Migration
Payment-Service-Provider integration
  • Paypal Express
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal Express
  • Credit Card (Redsys/Adyen/Stripe)
  • Paypal Express
  • Credit Card (Redsys/Adyen/Stripe)
  • Others
Shipping methods Default Shipping Methods Default Shipping Methods Default or Custom Shipping Methods
Taxes Manual configuration Manual configuration Advanced configuration
SEO Magento Basic setup Magento Advanced setup Magento Advanced setup
Social Share Included Included Included
Improved Site Search Doofinder Search* Doofinder Search* Doofinder Search* / Elastic Search
Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Included Included Included
Google Shopping feeds Included Included Included
CMS pages 5 CMS pages Up to 10 CMS Pages CMS pages – ???
Transactional emails Basic configuration Basic configuration Advanced configuration
Chat Oct8ne Chat* Oct8ne Chat*
User reviews User Reviews and Ratings* User Reviews and Ratings*
Marketplace feed integration Channable* Channable*
Mailchimp Mailchimp integration* Mailchimp integration* ???
CDN Fastly CDN Fastly CDN Fastly CDN
Page Builder Included
Blog Blog Functionality

*3rd Party License required

Our process

  • 1. Project Discovery & Setup

    • Kick off
    • Store setup (languages, taxes, shipping & payment methods…)
    • Catalog, products & clients migration
  • 2. Design & Development

    • Design
    • Frontend & Backend development
    • Bug fixing
    • QA & Testing
  • 3. Training & Go Live

    • Magento U Training on demand
    • i4 training for ecommerce managers
    • Go Live
    • Start selling online!

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