ÓPTIMO Commerce

Designed to adapt, grow and evolve with your business

The eCommerce easy for everyone

Your eCommerce in less time, reducing costs and risk

Optimal is the eCommerce solution, developed by Interactiv4 in Magento 2 that meets 100% of the needs of the main eCommerce.

What does Óptimo offer?

  • Modular solution

    Designed to adapt, grow and evolve with your business

    By eliminating costly, customised development, we have created versions, modules and features which cover almost all the needs of any eCommerce project. From omni-channel, integrations or B2B needs, to powerful marketing and analytics tools, the different ÓPTIMO versions allow you to scale your eCommerce project based on your business.

  • Turnkey solution

    100% tested and safe

    All the functionalities are tested and validated, guaranteeing their correct operation. We launch your eCommerce project quickly and without risks, reducing production time and costs. Advance your “time to market”, reduce costs and production efforts and invest your time and budget in promoting and exploiting your eCommerce.

  • Innovative solution

    Designed to be at the forefront of the industry

    We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, features and systems to offer a solution at the forefront of the industry. One of our main goals is to be a leading solution, not only in technology, but also in the infrastructures we use, as well as our strategic approach to the ongoing operation of your eCommerce project.

A solution designed for medium and large companies looking for a high quality eCommerce with the support of a trusted partner

Why choose Óptimo?

  • A winning combination


    Óptimo's DNA brings together all the potential of Magento , a world leader in eCommerce, with the know-how of Interactiv4 , recognized as Adobe Gold Partner and Magento Enterprise Partner, and with an experience of more than 70 eCommerce projects.

  • Your strategic partner


    We are committed to a relationship beyond the client / supplier, seeking a strategic alliance with our clients that continues once the project is underway.

Óptimo one features

  • Advanced functionalities

    Óptimo has great improvements that enhance the UX, Mk mix and simplify eCommerce management.

  • Marketing tool

    We propose Óptimo as a powerful tool for Recruitment, Loyalty, Communication Channel and Promotion.

  • Analytics layer

    We implement an analytical layer that allows us to know and record everything that happens in your eCommerce.

  • Improved administration

    By simplifying and optimizing the day-to-day management of an eCommerce, your team will save a lot of time.

  • Advanced checkout

    Designed to increase the conversion of your eCommerce.

  • Advanced layered navigation

    It helps the user to filter the results of a category in a friendly, simple way and without refreshing the page.

Configure your Óptimo One

  • B2B Version

    Transform your eCommerce into a potent B2B platform designed to digitise your relationship with your clients, distributors and suppliers.

  • Retail version

    For businesses with physical shops or outlets that need a multichannel experience.

  • Connect version

    Connect your eCommerce with any external ERP, CRM, PIM or OMS system.

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