El Naturalista

10 December, 2020

Today, in our eCommerce case studies, we present our latest launch, El Naturalista, a Spanish footwear company that is based on 3 pillars: product, planet, and people.

El Naturalista is a benchmark in Spain in terms of sustainable fashion and respect for the environment. In its commitment to eco-innovation, this spanish brand uses natural materials made from biodegradable and recyclable substances.

Its collections incorporate vegan footwear lines, created with materials such as cotton, raffia, or bamboo, while complying with the European Reach regulations on the use of chemical products.

Currently, El Naturalista shoes are present in a thousand establishments in more than 40 countries, and their distribution covers a hundred countries thanks to its online sales platform.

Project Challenges

Magento Cloud and 30 websites

The project, started in a migration from Prestashop, has been built on our Optimo in Magento Commerce Cloud, in record time.

One of the objectives of the project has been to provide functionalities and integrations to continue increasing its online revenue and advance its international expansion.

El Naturalista now sells worldwide, in 8 languages and 4 different currencies.

An important challenge has always been to ensure the performance and scalability of the Magento Cloud infrastructure for all the websites that the project has (more than 30).

Middleware integrations

One of the key features has been the different integrations with the client’s middleware system. From exporting financial data (orders, product prices, returns), stock and incidents, to relevant information to the customer, such as the physical stores where their favorite products are sold.

There is total automation in the entire process throughout the sales flow, without any manual intervention by the El Naturalista team in the order flow.

Akeneo PIM for centralization of the product catalog

To manage the catalog, Akeneo PIM was implemented, where all product information is centralized and enriched for the different brands and sales channels.

The product creation flow is carried out in the client´s middleware, to later be transferred to Akeneo through an ETL, where the catalog information is fed. The product travels to Magento, where it is presented to the end customer. This process is fully automatic, avoiding any manual work.

Checkout customized to the client’s needs

In any eCommerce, the checkout phase is the most critical and delicate. In this project, special attention has been paid to the development of a checkout that accompanies the customer until the end of the purchase in the fewest possible steps, naturally and easily. For this, the native Magento purchase process was modified, from a horizontal flow, to a vertical structure, in which the end-user interacts from top to bottom, completing each of the steps for the purchase.

Custom design, based on the needs and values of each brand

The project as a whole has 3 different brands – El Naturalista, The Art Company, and Neosens (which will go live in the next few weeks). Each of them has a different market and target because a different UX / UI exercise has been carried out under a similar structure, providing a unique front for each brand, distinguishing its differentiating values: nature, alternative, elegant.

Google Analytics & GTM

One of the main objectives of the project was to be able to monitor and search for business opportunities with external traffic and campaigns, for which a bespoke integration with Google Analytics and GTM has been carried out, including Enhanced eCommerce. So we can measure and analyze data to improve the performance of the store, attract more traffic and increase sales.

Configurable products of various dimensions

One of the essential requirements for the Client was the possibility of selling more products with a discount by color with specific sizes, to avoid having the accumulation of stock. The configurable products pivot by size and color, so in this specific case, a custom development has been made to meet the requirements.

EL Naturalista now sells products not only by size and color but also by size.

Mobile-First Development

Adapting to all devices has been one of the most challenging aspects of the project. Bringing the web to different browsers and devices, with a “mobile-first” development, makes it possible for users to enjoy the different brands from any device and part of the world.




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