Magento 2 Integrations with our ImportExport

29 March, 2019

Few days ago we had a Show & Share session, like every Friday that there are no causes of force majeure (such as tornadoes, earthquakes, falls in Wall Street or the coffee machine breaks down). This time it was necessary to clarify some points about the use of an internal framework of integrations, our ImportExport, a collection of hundreds of classes and methods that can be put together as a puzzle to create a custom import/export flow to or from Magento 2.

With it we standardize all our experience connecting with external systems.We have been using it not only for catalog integrations, but also for customers, orders, administrator users, invoices, delivery notes, external orders, etc. It has “pieces” to connect via CSV files, positionals, SOAP and REST webservices, and if it does not have an interface with paper planes it is because we have not needed it yet.

It is a tool of great strength and even greater potential, so we gave a little introduction for those in the team who have not worked (yet) with it, and we talk about good and bad praxis in its use, how to implement it in an optimized way and following standards of code quality. We also had a chat about how to improve it.

So if you have any special need for integration with Magento 2, we will be happy to help you and in the process feed our each day less small puzzle.



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