Magento Training

Learn how to manage your store like a master.

To make your online store convert, it is essential to manage the Magento admin in an agile and effective way. Learn and master all the possibilities.


Manage orders, invoices, shipping, amendment invoices, catalogue, logistics, payment methods, customers, promotions, newsletters, CMS, blocks, widgets, configuration… 

We offer you three training levels about Magento backend: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, according to your needs. We don’t want you to waste your time, so we offer you one-day intensive courses as well.

We also organize custom made courses focused on specific areas you need to improve.

  • Different levels. You can chose between three training levels: Basics, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Custom made programs. If you need training on specific areas, count on us. You chose when, where and how many hours. Customized groups.
  • Intensive courses. You can learn in one day, spend the rest of your time on your store. We know your time is precious. Training must be an investment.
  • Private classroom. For reduced groups, 9 people top. That way you will have a customized and efficient training.


What do we offer?

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We have been developing online stores in Magento for more than 3 years and we have more than 10 years of experience in eCommerce. We develop stores for clients and also for ourselves, and we have worked with top companies that trust us cause we know every corner of Magento.
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You have an expert professional team working for you, which work with Magento every day and know it like the back of their hands. We know your needs cause every doubt you can have, has been our doubt first. And we know how to solve it for you.
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All levels training

Regardless the knowledge you have of the Magento admin, we can help you cause we have three training levels: •Basic •Intermediate •Advanced. And also custom-made training adapted to you in levels, hours and attendants. It’s up to you!
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