Magento Performance

Make your store quick as lightning with our Magento Performance Pack

We offer you three plans specially designed to get the best performance out of your store: Fast, Boost and Nitro.


Magento is the most complete eCommerce platform nowadays; it offers flexibility and control with design and functionality all in one. One of the remarkable points of Magento is its status of OpenSource, which will let you adapt your online store to your business at a reduced price. Some of the Magento’s features are:
  • Optimization of the Magento Configuration.Cause every business needs a custom-made solution.
  • Templates and Content Optimization. Magento can be easily customized and updated without problems.
  • Solution of Collisions and Exceptions.The adaptability of Magento makes it easy to be customized according to your business needs without extra costs.
  • Optimization of the System Configurations. To maximize your transactions efficiently and provide security to your customers.
  • Installation and configuration of the components, that will make your store lightning-fast.


What do we offer?

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Fast Pack

With the Fast Pack your store performance will be increased with no need to change the system. Let our team implement the right settings on your store to reach the proper optimization point:
  • Content analysis.
  • Template analysis.
  • Magento settings and configuration analysis.
  • Action plan and recommendations.
From: 600 €
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Boost Pack

Get the next level with the Boost Pack. Includes all the Fast Pack services plus:
  • System configuration: web server optimization, database configuration…
  • Load balancing.
  • Simple fast cache systems installation.
  • Complete Magento configuration to use improvements.
  • Solution of the extensions collisions.
  • Action plan and recommendations.
From: 1.500 €
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Nitro Pack

If your goal is having a lightning-fast loading speed, Nitro Pack is your solution. We will use all our resources to fly your store to the moon:
  • Reverse proxy installation and configuration.
  • CDN installation and configuration.
  • Magento settings configuration to use the improvements.
  • Review and improvement of server configuration.
  • Load balancing.
  • Acting plan and recommendations.
  • Guaranteed result.
From: 3.000 €
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