Magento ERP

To achieve the perfect integration between Magento and your ERP is not a luxury, it’s a need.

Operate in real time with your store integrating your catalogue, sales information, stock and customers and avoid human intervention.

We have broad experience in B2B and B2C integration projects with the top market ERPs. We help you to optimize your company information flows focusing on a unique responsibility source to manage your business.

As a result, you will get a powerful and efficient eCommerce platform, which will help to the success of your business.

We have experience in integrations with SAP, Navision, Sage, Open ERP, Open Bravo and proprietary systems.

We use our own extensions , regularly improved with our clients’ requirements. We do massive synchronizations file-by-file, real-time updates via WebServices and new interface developments to adapt Magento to your ERP. Everything 100% documented.

You can count on highly qualified professionals with the experience needed to integrate your business properly. We offer you all our experience.

By integrating your ERP with Magento you will be able to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks. Use your time to improve your store, not in repeat worthless processes over and over.
  • Considerably reduce the possibility of mistakes. Perform repetitive tasks with large data sets could end up in important figure mistakes for your business.
  • Reduce costs using time and resources to improve the areas your store requires.
  • Raise your customers’ satisfaction providing them with the same quality service you give them through other channels.
  • Gain control of your business with automated stocks, invoice shipping, synchronized orders…
  • Synchronize any information layer, using the best way: CSV files, XML, Excel, SOAP WebServices, REST, custom API…

What do we offer?

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We analyze the integration you need in order to use the best method, always according to the nature of your data and your business. Whether the data need constant updates or they are persistent, we will propose the best solution for you to get the best out of your store.
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We integrate your store with the best logistics companies in order to avoid you to worry about your customers’ orders. That gives you an advantage over other companies and makes you stand out by offering a secure, easy and quality service
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