Magento Design and Development

We are experts in Magento Design, Development, and creating Responsive Themes.

We develop successful stores bringing out the best of Magento acoording to your business specifications.

Architecture, usability, design, layout editing, integration, development, photography, logistics, conversion systems, ERP integration, training, technical support… we cover all aspects you need to make your store a successful business.
Our commitment to Magento emerges as a result of our experience. We have resources specialized in getting the best out of the most powerful eCommerce platform in the world.001_magento 

Magento is the most complete eCommerce platform nowadays; it offers flexibility and control with design and functionality all in one. One of the remarkable points of Magento is its status of OpenSource, which will let you adapt your online store to your business at a reasonable price. Magento’s main features are:

  • Flexibility. Cause every business needs a customized solution.
  • Updateable. Magento can be easily customized and updated without problems.
  • The Magento adaptation possibilities allow you to customize it perfectly according to your needs.
  • Sustainability. eBay and PayPal are two of the most important companies on the Internet and they support the long-term life of the project.
  • Speed and Safety.To maximize the efficiency of your transactions.
  • Ecosystem and Community. Magento has a mature development community that guarantees its sturdiness and stability.


What do we offer?

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Magento Design

Because there are no two business alike, you will have a professional team working on the design of your online store in order to get the best design and creative solutions for your business needs. A good design is an advantage for your business, that’s why we work on making your store unique and highlight it over the rest. Your store will have a design that any multinational would envy.
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We integrate your online store; with the bank to have an easy and secure payment service for your customers, and with the logistic companies, in order to avoid you to worry about your customers’ orders. That gives you an advantage over other companies and makes you stand out by offering a secure, easy and quality service.
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Magento Development

We adapt the back-end of your online store in order to make all the processes you need for your business fit your needs. We are specialists in create extensions to adapt Magento to your needs: order management modifications, repetitive massive actions, integrated content management systems creation…
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Monitoring and methodology

You get what you pay for. That’s the reason why, in Interactiv4, we use our own development methodology with GIT and specific tools to guarantee all processes: testing, cleansing and production deploy. Every project we carry out count on a development environment, testing and a monitoring project system based on Active Collab.
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